Our engineering expertise extends around the world and across a variety of disciplines, adding value through every phase of a project. We assign specific types of project work in certain offices, allowing our engineers to develop specialized expertise to serve the diverse geographic and technical needs of our clients while ensuring consistent standards. 

Our engineering staff is composed of highly-experienced, dedicated professionals. More than a third of our engineers have advanced degrees, and many are leading experts in their fields. Our engineers are active in national and international committees responsible for the technical codes and standards used in our industry. 

Using the optimum tools to get the job done

Our engineers and designers use sophisticated proprietary and in-house software to monitor and manage every phase of our projects, from concept design through construction and startup. These tools allow us to efficiently and accurately develop schedules, allocate resources, monitor work progress, track costs and provide detailed reports for our customers. They enhance our ability to deliver projects on time, on budget and with superior results.

Our range of technological products and services apply to:

  1. Advice, auditing, training & technological intelligence
  2. Specialist work package,
  3. System work package,
  4. Combined modelling operations
  5. Building systems


  1. Studies and Mechanical design
  2. Mechanical and Structural Calculation
  3. Thermal Calculation
  4. Fluid Mechanics


  1. Design
  2. 3D and 2D design
  3. Layout
  4. Industrialization study
  5. Monitoring of suppliers and manufacturing
  6. Tools
  7. Special Machines
  8. Boiler making
  9. Piping
  10. Plastics processing
  11. Metal Frames
  12. Robotics
  13. Machine tools
  14. 3D rendering


  1. Aerospace Design / Architecture
  2. Structural calculations
  3. Dynamic analyses: modal analyses, vibration analyses (sinus, random)
  4. Dimensioning of screwed connections (ESA and VDI standards)
  5. Buckling calculations (ferrules, tanks, mechanically steel welded structures)
  6. Non-linear calculations
  7. Analytical calculations for welding work
  8. Damage / Fatigue tolerance
  9. Crack propagation tests/measures
  10. Digital simulations


  1. 3D modelling for Telecoms/Scientific satellites
  2. Thermal models (radiative, conductive) / mathematical / geometric
  3. Payload / Platform
  4. Solar generators and related mechanisms
  5. Propulsion systems / AOCS / Structural components
  6. Test prediction models


  1. Internal/External
  2. Hydraulics
  3. Multi-species


Our engineers’ mechanical design and calculation skills cover the use of CAD tools such as Catia V5, SolidWorks and AutoCad, together with simulation tools such as Ansys, Abaqus and Nastran.

These advanced skills allow us to provide our various clients with the following:

  • The design and dimensioning of mechanical structures and systems,

In order to manage the designing of a full system, we prefer to use an organisation in project mode which brings together all of the phases involved in developing the systems:

  • Technical feasibility analysis (functional analysis, AMDEC, etc.),
  • Pre-dimensioning,
  • Overall design,
  • Detailed design,
  • Justification by digital modelling.


Our engineers’ skills in both calculation (CFD) and the complete building of systems mean that they are fully conversant with CFD applications such as Fluent, Star CD, SolidWorks Flow Simulation and EcosimPRO

These skills allow us to operate in the following areas:

  • Internal and external aerodynamic calculations
  • Shape optimisation
  • Pressure loss calculations

The complete building of systems covers all the phases involved in the development of fluid systems:

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Pre-dimensioning
  • Detailed design
  • Test study
  • Final validation

The sectors in which we operate are the Aeronautical, Defence, Nuclear and Oil / Petrochemical etc. industries.


  1. Solar Power
  2. Wind power
  3. Oil and Gas industry
  4. Aeronautic industry
  5. Hydraulics
  6. Motor industry