Recruiting entrepreneurs at AAZ-ENGINEERING means that we recruit the right people for the job quickly and efficiently. Hiring specialist works and/or subcontracts temporarily is an approach that allows us to cover a wide variety of requirements within the industry, supporting the project life cycle from start to finish.

Recruitment can be a complex, time-consuming process. Our clients want the right technical specialists at the right time, but this often means gathering multiple personnel from several suppliers – which results in numerous contracts and duplicate administration.

Our vast local knowledge and industry experience ensure that we can fully simplify and support your entire recruitment process. By becoming your master service provider we partner with you to streamline your recruitment – from identifying and sourcing local and expat specialists to operational implementation. Our service is tailor-made to your needs, and we always take compliance, local laws and regulations into account.

As your single point of contact, we deal with all third parties on your behalf and take care of all your recruitment-related issues. We constantly monitor our processes for quality and efficiency, the performance of the parties involved and new developments in the labour market.

We support all our clients with a recruiter who has in-depth knowledge of the disciplines we are looking for and our local recruitment teams ensure that we are up to date in a constantly changing market.

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Our capacity to present you with a global supply solution as a lead contractor is our main strength.