Our research, development and innovation projects are developed from the transversely, with teams including specialists from various technologies to offer integrated solutions. We develop own and in collaboration projects, together with companies and other research organizations.

In a fast-changing business environment, continuous research and development is a key part of our organization’s strength. To stay relevant and improve on service delivery to our clients and potential partners, we constantly develop and design methods to optimize our services and project management processes. This is achieved by leveraging on modern optimization techniques, operations research, risks and safety management to enhance clients’ outcomes

We parade a team of engineers and industry experts who clearly understand the importance to put the needs of our clients first, develop innovative solutions to future needs and provide products and services to meet such needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is truly the core of our investments in research and development operations.

  • Development of solar system (software and plant) taken into account all Technical and Financial aspects
  • Development of new concept for wind turbines autonomous and plug&play
  • Development of new system of water treatment autonomous with direct connection
  • Development of a LNG hybrid power train for automotive
  • Development of float car management
  • Development of new business Jet hybrid technology
  • Development of new infotainment Head-up display system for all vehicles
Our capacity to present you with a global supply solution as a lead contractor is our main strength.