About us

AAZ ENGINEERING provides a bright solution by offering its skills, expertise and experience to carry out all our services for our customers.
Our engineers and technicians have the experience of large projects achievements in specific industrial sectors.

We meet our clients’ needs by offering a tailored and competitive services due to a huge database of highly qualified professionals, skilled multidisciplinary manpower including production, maintenance and engineering positions.

Our goal at AAZ ENGINEERING is to carry out turnkey projects and provide the best in engineering, procurement, and construction services for the oil and gas, renewable energy, aeronautics, space industries, architecture, naval and automotive worldwide.


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Our company purpose, to solve complex engineering ant EPCIC related challenges, is what we aspire to do in a broad, enduring sense. This purpose has been evident since the vision of our corporation when we set out to build a premium quality service company.

Our core belief is what we must deliver on the commitments we make to our customers, through being open, trustworthy, giving value for money, attention to detail, delivering on time, and being easy to do business with.

We are confident in achieving success by ensuring that our clients’ expectations and needs are our priorities and to provide our professionals with continual opportunities for development.

Our roots are important to us. As we evolve and grow, we understand that maintaining the integrity of our experience through a commitment to quality

Service, team member appreciation and delivering innovative, practical solutions to our clients as a gate way to success.

We are confident about the future of AAZ ENGINEERING as we look toward new opportunities and continued growth in our many fields of. I encourage you to contact us to learn more about the services we offer and our challenging career opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Alexy Azema, CEO


AAZ ENGINERING is committed to conducting business in a sustainable way over the long-term by developing close relationships with local people, communities and businesses in host countries, and by safeguarding the natural environment

It is our goal and driving ambition to be the trusted partner of choice, delivering reliable, complete unit production solutions that create value for AAZ ENGINEERING’s clients.

Develop communication with its customers and partners
Deliver its products and services on expected schedule and budget
Minimize impact to the environment
Establishing relationships with suppliers and contractors
Motivate our employees and stimulate the innovation
Continuously improve the Quality Management System


Comply with regulations and customer requirements
Assess the risks to people, the environment, and assets before any operation
Put in place all the means to control risks
Evaluate the performance of systems and the means to improve it
Train employees in emergency management
Involve your employees in risk prevention
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