When working with AAZ ENGINEERING you will throughout the process of any project whether it is a small change to an existing line or a full enterprise solution for a new facility have a close dialog and follow up from our experienced project managers who is your true support and will manage the process for you.

Our project managers always take pride in looking at the entire production setup and managing the interface to other works or maintenance by other suppliers on site.

The aim is to create solutions together with you that will meet your immediate demand, but also make sure, that the interactions between units are optimized in order to achieve the highest possible plant efficiency and the lowest possible life-cycle cost.

In close cooperation with you and a network of international suppliers who are all specialists in their field, we ensure smooth project implementation. By working with a well-known supplier network this will minimize risk and ensure efficient project implementation. The outcome will as a minimum meet your requirements and on top of this exceed your expectations of quality, capacity, schedule and budget.

Our engineers design and analyze our systems through all stages of projects from concept to delivery, and we have in-house capability for conceptual studies, basic design and detailed design.
Our engineers work closely with Supply Chain Management, Construction and Installations to ensure that the hardware we supply meets all design requirements and fully satisfies our clients.


PMT is the necessary traits and competencies you need to be a successful project.

This is more than keeping projects on track. It consists on:

  • Plan projects from conception to implementation
  • Map out timelines
  • Assess project risks and opportunities
  • Execute each phase of the project life cycle
  • Create, allocate, and manage the budget
  • Communicate with all stakeholders
  • Troubleshoot problems and challenges

Deliver (and often maintain) the end product or service 

AAZ ENGINEERING PMT will take care of

Planning and forecasting
Risk management
Tracking and monitoring
Meeting facilitation
Subject matter expertise
Time management
Problem solving
Our capacity to present you with a global supply solution as a lead contractor is our main strength.